Walk with Me: My Story of Faith, Fortitude, and Choosing a Grateful Heart

Hello friends,

If the title of this new blog series piqued your interest or spoke to your heart, welcome.

I am Kristin Harris, Executive Director of Komen Central Virginia, but this series is a personal one. At the encouragement of my Komen colleagues, family, and friends, I am endeavoring to pen a heartfelt response here to two of the most frequent questions I receive in both my professional and personal life:

“You must hear some powerful stories in your work. Which ones stand out to you?”

And the big one: “What is it really like to live with metastatic breast cancer every day?”

So here it is, dear friends. My original account of the most inspiring moments in the work we do every day at Susan G. Komen in our mission to save lives from breast cancer. And an honest, authentic reflection of my day-to-day experience living with metastatic breast cancer. Our hope is that my story – our stories – will touch your heart, lift your spirit, offer you courage, or bring you peace. With tales of trial and triumph, we embark on this journey together…

Walk with me.

March 6, 2018 – 365 Days of Grateful

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