Community Grants

In May 2019, Komen Central Virginia and Komen Tidewater merged to create Komen Central & Eastern Virginia, making the new Affiliate the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support, and educational awareness in central and eastern Virginia. Since 1998, we have invested more than $11.7 million in education, diagnosis, treatment, and support programs here in our service area by funding local organizations that serve uninsured or underinsured residents in our community. The funds Komen Central & Eastern Virginia grants to community programs in our combined service area have made a positive difference in the lives of women (and some men) living in our communities.

The remaining 25 percent of net funds were invested in the Susan G. Komen Grants Program managed at the national level. To learn more about Susan G. Komen’s research investment, click here. Since 1998, we have invested more than $4.4 million solely towards research.

Our 2019 Local Grants were awarded prior to the merger of the Affiliates. Below are the grantees as awarded by each Affiliate.

2019-2020 Komen Tidewater Grantees

Eastern Shore Health District – Life Matters

The Life Matters Program will reduce late stage breast cancer diagnosis and save lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia by providing 50 screening mammograms to uninsured/underinsured women over the age of 15 that are unable to be enrolled in Every Woman’s Life. Diagnostic breast health services will be provided to 50 men and women, thereby providing a safety net for the most vulnerable members of our community. This will include 50 breast ultrasounds, 50 diagnostic mammograms, 5 breast biopsies and 2 breast MRIs. Patient navigation and case management services will be provided to 300 women. Evidence based breast health education will focus on African American Churches to fight disparities. Program staff members will participate in 4 community based outreach activities to provide breast education to an additional 300 individuals to include 200 African American Women. Diagnosed patients will be transitioned into Medicaid for treatment via Every Woman’s Life when applicable.

Hampton Health Department – Hampton “Know Your Normal” Outreach

Hampton Health Department’s project goal is to reduce breast cancer mortality by increasing the number of women who enter the Continuum of Care (COC) for Breast Health leading to earlier diagnosis through screening. Outreach targets African American and homeless women living in Hampton and without insurance. Barriers due to lack of transportation or language are addressed. 300 women will receive outreach programming through a series of “Know Your Normal” presentations and “Worship in Pink” celebrations. 100 women will receive screening, diagnostic, and patient navigation services through HHD and Sentara Health System. Evaluation includes program participants’ surveys indicating new knowledge, screening status, and barriers to care; and follow up data demonstrating a link between outreach activities and entrance into care. Expected impacts are increases in awareness of the importance of knowing your normal; women delinquent for screening and/or never screened entering the COC.

Lackey Clinic – Breast Health Awareness, Screening and Treatment for Uninsured Women on the Virginia Peninsula  

The goal of Lackey Clinic’s (LC) Project is to reduce breast cancer mortality by addressing disparities, increasing access to quality and timely care, and improving outcomes through patient navigation, especially among uninsured, African American women living in Newport News. LC will: 1. Provide increased access to patient navigation, screening mammography and diagnostic follow up as indicated for 230 patients living in Newport News and surrounding communities, aged 40-64 for the purpose of early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, and 2. Provide breast health educational and awareness sessions at 6 Newport News churches in alignment with Komen’s Worship in Pink Program, using the faith community to reach 100 African American women. The expected outcomes include detection of breast cancers through screening and an increase in the number of African American women living in poverty who are screened. These will be measured by counting the number of women screened and education. 

Riverside Health System, Cancer Services – Overcoming Disparities and Barriers in Breast Cancer Education & Screening

Riverside Cancer Services seeks to reduce breast cancer health disparities and impact the diagnosis of breast cancer at an earlier more curable stage. Riverside will develop initiatives to improve access to 100 breast cancer screening services and 30 diagnostic breast imaging services for uninsured, low-income women living within the Peninsula, Hampton and Three Rivers Health Districts. We will focus our efforts on enrolling 65% of our funding to serve women from Newport News and further focus on enrolling African American women or those ineligible for the Every Woman’s Life program. We will develop educational strategies to inform women about breast health practices and the importance of breast cancer prevention/early detection, in the community and for those enrolled into the grant. Using our vast partnerships Riverside will recruit women for the grant. As a 20 year Every Woman’s Life provider Riverside also offers a valuable link to breast biopsy and additional diagnostic service

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital – Free Mammogram Screening and Education    

The program will address the need that is identified in the Affiliate’s Community Profile to reduce the late-stage incidence and death rates in Portsmouth and Newport News by providing 75 free mammogram screening services for uninsured women 40 and older. We propose to include Norfolk based on high percent of mortality and local stage diagnosis over Chesapeake and Portsmouth reported by 2011-2015 Virginia Cancer Registry Stats. The practice of evidence-based medicine is organically part of our culture and early detection through screening mammograms lead to better outcomes. To encourage screening, we will provide educational sessions in the communities that have been identified as high risk areas and patient navigation services to support patients through diagnosis and treatment. The number of screenings and positive findings will be used to evaluate the program. Patients will be asked to complete a survey on services rendered and how funding helped.

Western Tidewater Free Clinic – Western tidewater Free Clinic’s Breast Health Program

Our project promotes the Breast Cancer Continuum of Care through evidence based patient navigation, barrier reduction and culturally appropriate education to increase access and utilization of breast health services.  WTFC serves the cities of Suffolk and Franklin, and the counties of Isle of Wight, Southampton and Surry and they are not predicted to meet the Healthy People 2020 target for death and late-stage incidence of breast cancer.

Our patient navigators implement individual services to patients with challenges to timely care or risk factors for delays in care. We address barriers to care that are structural, sociocultural, financial or personal. Our staff provides educational interventions to increase knowledge and health beliefs about breast cancer and mammography screening. With evidence based interventions we will provide 240 mammograms through coordinated case management with a goal of reducing late-stage breast cancer diagnosis’s and breast cancer mortality.

2019-2020 Komen Central Virginia Grantees

Augusta Regional Free Clinic
Fishersville, VA
“Continuation of RACE for Breast Health”

Recognition of the need for preventive care and breast cancer outreach, recruitment initiatives, and education to achieve Komen’s Bold Goal will be provided to at least 1,200 at-risk people through the program’s part-time Community Breast Cancer Outreach Coordinator. The Coordinator will organize more than 300 medical visits with a clinical breast exam, coordinate medical exams, schedule appointments for mammograms, and follow-up on patient as needed. The Coordinator will link the patient to the Every Woman’s Life program and schedule a screening mammogram. The coordinator will also track and communicate all exam results and provide follow up to the patient.

For more information, contact:
Janice Morgan
(540) 221-6724

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Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation
Richmond, VA
“Breast Screenings for Uninsured or Under-Insured Women”

As an Every Woman’s Life provider, Bon Secours Richmond was awarded 600 federal and 80 state screens from the Virginia Department of Health for the 2018-2019 year. With 2019 Komen funding, Bon Secours Richmond has the ability to reach another 125 women ages 40-64 and provide them with clinical breast exams, breast screenings and/or diagnostic services they need – free of charge. Women ages 40-49 are the focus of the Komen grant, especially minority women within the Richmond area and surrounding counties including those east into the Tappahannock region. Women with abnormal findings will receive case management from a Bon Secours Registered Nurse and assistance with Medicaid enrollment for treatment if there is a diagnosis of breast cancer.

For more information, contact:
Carrie Leone, RN
(804) 594-4931

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CrossOver Ministry
Richmond, VA
“Breast Cancer Screenings and Education”

Funding from Komen will support CrossOver’s Breast Health Initiative, which focuses on breast health education and reducing barriers to care for low-income patients. CrossOver’s patient population is comprised of Virginia residents who are uninsured or medically underserved and whose incomes are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). Women make up 60% of CrossOver’s patients, and 57% are Hispanic or Latino, 10% are African-American, and 4% are Asian. Additionally, over 60% of CrossOver’s patients are immigrants or refugees. CrossOver offers a wide range of breast health services, including well-woman exams, clinical breast exams, referrals for free and low-cost mammograms, interpretation services, and health education. CrossOver anticipates serving over 700 women through this project, with the ultimate goal of connecting patients to screening, diagnostic, and treatment services in order to reduce the breast cancer mortality rate in our most vulnerable communities.

For more information, contact:
Julie Bilodeau
(804) 655-2794, ext 114

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Health Brigade (formerly Fan Free Clinic)
Richmond, VA
“Breast Health Services Program”

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH): Breast Health Services Program provides affordable breast cancer screenings, breast health care information and linkage to care. The clinic will serve low-income, uninsured African American, Hispanic and Caucasian cisgender women and transgender adults in the Greater Richmond area who have limited access to care.

Key Activities of the grant project include: affordable breast health screening/diagnostic referrals, proactive breast health monitoring/follow-up, and dissemination of culturally sensitive information regarding breast health and resources, one-on-one and in small groups.

During the grant period, the clinic will serve at least 1,600 of the target populations outlined above. Impact will be measured by tracking the number served and screening compliance rates (for clinical breast exams and mammograms). Also, while not measurable, the impact of this program will likely be magnified as those who receive services directly will likely share the knowledge they gain with their own networks.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Wendy Klein, Medical Director
(804) 716-5810

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VCU Community Memorial Hospital
South Hill, VA
“Pink Power Program”

With Komen funding, VCU-CMH provides education and breast health services to uninsured women between the ages of 40-64 who reside in Brunswick, Mecklenburg or Lunenburg Counties. The Pink Power Event offers breast health education and clinical breast exams on site, while inviting community leaders/partners to provide education on health related topics. Community outreach events are conducted throughout Brunswick, Mecklenburg and Lunenburg Counties in partnership with public libraries, businesses and church organizations.

VCU-CMH plans to provide the following services during the grant period: one-on-one education and screening mammograms to 75 women, 25 diagnostic mammograms, and 15 breast ultrasounds, as needed.

Educational efforts are evaluated with pre- and post-test surveys. Monthly reports are also generated and shared with the nurse manager and office director to ensure stated objectives are met.

For more information, contact:
Jessica Seamster
(434) 774-2541

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